Pristine Nutraceuticals or Digestacure – For Autoimmune Disease

Pristine Nutraceuticals, the manufacturer of the controversial Digestacure is a US based company. Pristine Nutraceuticals came into the limelight with the launch of the highly controversial and highly talked about product ‘Digestacure’. Digestacure was designed for the curing of people who are suffering from autoimmune diseases. Digestacure claims to remove all the symptoms which accompanies autoimmune disorder and the slowly cure the whole problem by strengthening the immune system.

History of Digestacure

Digestacure is a result of almost 14 years of research in the field of autoimmune disorders. Digestacure is designed to remove the root cause of all autoimmune diseases through proper nutrition of all the system in the body. Digestacure contains almost 15 times more stabilized immunity modulating agents than any other product in this category.

Autoimmune disorder: Autoimmune disorder is a physical state where for reasons still unknown our body attacks our immune system. This phenomenon is followed by the disruption of all the working of the organs and can lead to inflammations ad other infections. Autoimmune diseases are very dangerous and can affect any part of the body. Stress is a main contributor for the initiation of this condition. The main body conditions include anxiety, depression, agitation, hostility and cognitive challenges.

Components of Digestacure

All the ingredients which are used for the manufacturing of Digestacure are natural ingredients which make Digestacure completely natural. This also makes it perfect for usage for all age categories. The main ingredient in Digestacure would be Aloe which is known for its curing abilities and also for the strengthening of the digestive system. There are also many amino acids which are needed by the body for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Digestacure is more a supplement than a drug as it helps in strengthening the system rather than curing.

Working of Digestacure

The working of Digestacure is fairly simple as the principle focus was on strengthening the two important systems in the body; the immune system and the digestive system. For a body to be completely healthy, these two systems should work in harmony and with integration. An efficient digestive system is necessary for the absorption of the right nutrients into the body at the right pace. This is the first step towards the curing of the disease. The main ingredient in Digestacure is Aloe. Digestacure claims that it is a completely natural product with no side effects. Digestacure brands itself as a nutritional supplement rather than a drug for cure. They believe that proper nutrition have the capability to remove any immunity disorders.

Digestacure restores total body, cellular and multiple systems. A human body is designed with special receptors namely enterons which is lined along the digestive tract. These receptors are responsible for the absorption of the aloe polysaccharides found in Digestacure. This process is known as endocytosis. The process of endocytosis already is in existence inside a human body as it absorbs all the essential nutrients into the system for processing with causing destruction to long chain structures.

The next process is the processing of the components of Digestacure for the purpose of healing. The endocytosis is responsible for the absorption of polysaccharides, proteins and the polynucleotides into the system. The next step is the breaking down of these above mentioned components which were absorbed. This process of breaking down of these components is termed as intracellular digestion. This is known as the second form of digestion which occurs within the cells of a human body. This particular form of digestion only happens when these healing agents enters the cells and are utilized and healed.

Dosage and ingestion modes

Digestacure dosage is purely subjective as the working and the reaction to the components of Digestacure differs with people to people. The dosage can be selected post consultation of a certified medical practitioner or the interested user can contact the customer support division of the company as they will help you in deciding the suitable dosage for your symptoms. The methods of ingestion of Digestacure include the following:

  • Taking the capsules as a whole just like regular tablets. This mode of ingestion is for adults.
  • Dissolving the capsules in water and having it. This method can be adopted for both adults and children as it helps in easy processing.
  • Sprinkling of the powdered capsule over the food before having. This is mainly for children and has been proved effective too.

Digestacure from Pristine Nutraceuticals claims itself to take care of all types of autoimmune diseases through the strengthening of the two basic and important systems in our body; immune system and the digestive system. Digestacure have made quite an impact in online media with a pile of reviews supporting and accusing of its claims as a curing agent. Autoimmune diseases were considered as a state of health which doesn’t have any cure however Digestacure claims that it has the power to get rid of those diseases.

Digestacure Reviews Scams

Digestacure from the Pristine Nutraceuticals have sure made some controversy in the online media through its claims of curing many of the most lethal diseases related to immunodeficiency. Digestacure is known to cure any symptoms of the autoimmune deficiency diseases. Although the company has claimed that it cures all the diseases there is another large segment which believes that the product is scam and that many of the cases even ended in the user getting worse. There are also users who have found that the product is useful and that it actually fulfills the needs of these users.

What is Digestacure?

Digestacure from the Prtistine Nutraceuticals is a result of sixteen years of Research and Development in the field of autoimmune diseases which are considered as non-curable. Digestacure claims that it takes care of all the symptoms related to all the autoimmune diseases. The working concept of the medicine is through the strengthening of the two important systems i.e., the digestive system and the immune system which has to be synchronized in a manner to create that perfect health. The first step includes the strengthening of the absorption system as this is the key for efficient intake of nutrients into the body.


Next I would like to give you a glimpse into the ingredients which are used in the making of Digestacure. Each capsule of Digestacure contains a 500 mg dose of concentrated immune boosting components. The main and the active ingredient in the composition would be Aloe botanical without any sort of genetic manipulation. It also contains long chain immune modulators which fall in the ranges of 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton. An immune modulator is a natural plant derived structure which is microscopic which is mainly involved in healing of the immune system in mammals. Dalton is a unit of molecular weight which measures the chain length of the microscopic structure.

Working of Digestacure

Digestacure claims itself to be a food supplement rather than a drug which is used to enhance the performance of the body’s immune system. Digestacure claims that the supplement does not have any side effects and also that it does not have reactions with other medications. The mode of ingestion can be through three ways which are:

  • Taking the capsules as a whole
  • Dissolving the capsules in water
  • Sprinkling the powered capsule over food which is mainly aimed at children

Reviews and scams

The above content is what Digestacure claims that it is however there are many reviews which tell the story of a horrible product which has worsened the user’s condition. The reviews however make me not want to try this product but then again human body is subjective to medicines. So I have done some research of my own through the wide online world and found both negative and positive reviews about Digestacure.

There are two aspects for the negative reviews as one section complains about the supplement as such whereas others feel that the customer support is not satisfactory and that the team was rude and rejected refunds in even the most genuine cases. Users can find many reviews by just searching where the users have worsened their condition through the regular use of Digestacure. When consulted with the customer support they suggested more usage of the supplement which the users claim even worsened the condition further.

Now I would like to throw some light on what actually people liked and claimed. Users have shared their experience where Digestacure actually cured Ulcerative Colitis and Hyperactive Thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease). The users shared their experience where there was a significant reduction in the thyroid. Another instance where the user shared a positive experience is when the user was diagnosed with celiac disease 12 years ago. The user was turned down by 6 specialists and then was gradually diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and was also lactose intolerant. This is the point when he started taking Digestacure and since then the user has reported a fast recovery and claims that he can eat normally now.


Digestacure has created a big ripple with its controversial reviews shared by the customers which include both negative and positive ones. Users have to try it to know the exact working and the effect while stressing on the fact that medicines and their behavior is very subjective and differs according to the nature of the body of the user. Digestacure from Pristine Nutraceuticals anyway have caught the attention of the online market with its claims.

Digestacure For Autoimmune System – Side Effects

Digestacure from the house of Pristine Nutraceuticals is a revolutionary product which solves the problem of autoimmune diseases in people and pets similarly. The company ensures that the medicine does not have any sort of side effects. Many of the users think otherwise as many have reported a variety of side effects however no fatal reports have been registered. Digestacure uses natural ingredients in its making. The main ingredients in the making of Digestacure include aloe from the aloe family, glucomannans, natural plant enzymes, natural plant minerals etc.

Working of Digestacure

The basic structure of the working is that Digestacure goes to the root of the autoimmune system to increase the health level of a human body. Autoimmune system is a very important part of the working of a human body as this is responsible for the fighting of any sorts of infection and virus attacks. The autoimmune system disorder is a state where the immune system starts attacking the healthy cells of the body. The reason for this mode of behavior is still unknown however there are theories which state that this state is formed due to the hereditary qualities of their parents.

Side effects

Digestacure as such is a natural medicine which uses only natural ingredients. While consumption of the recommended dosage as per medical practitioner can lead to speedy recovery, over dose can lead to diarrhea, cramping and also cases of dehydration have been reported. It is also recommended that pregnant women do not take products which contain glucomannan as it has the potential to create unwanted complications in the pregnancy process.

The amino acids included in the combination aids in the creation of muscles but also has the quality where it amplifies any viral diseases in the form of herpes and so on. Other amino acids like phenylalanine and tyrosine have blood pressure increasing qualities which can create complications and dizziness in people. It is very important that the users take the prescribed dosage of the medicine as overdose can lead to unfavorable situations.

There have been many complaints from users regarding the effect of Digestacure. There are cases where users have taken in Digestacure for the wrong symptoms. It is very important to know the right cause of your illness. People seldom approach medical practitioners and in most cases assess themselves. This is one of the primary causes for prolonged non recovery from diseases. Right diagnosis is another important step towards the recovery of the diseases.

The main problem or issue as we can address is that the curing time of Digestacure changes in cases of people as different bodies respond differently. It takes its own time for the healing of the symptoms and diseases. The dosage of the medicine ranges from 3 to 12 capsules per day for an indefinite period which depends upon the nature of subjective body.

Although the above being said there have been cases where the customers found disappointment after following the recommended dosage for a long period. Customers even have shared their experiences that they had to go through while complaining the condition to the customer support team. There have been a lot of complaints regarding the customer care support as many of the cases have been denied refund as per the promises given by the company to promote the product.


Medicines work completely according to structure and the nature of your body. The working and nature of the body differ from person to person and this has to be understood for better treatments. I would suggest consulting a physician or a medical practitioner before jumping on to any new medicine which claims huge things.

Digestacure Does it works?

Digestacure not only works well, but does wonders if the dosage is taken properly, after having a thorough knowledge of what Kind of autoimmune disorder you suffer from. Pristine Nutraceuticals have come up with this product after 14 years of design and research. They have spent considerable amount of resources in terms of monetary, time and expertise for formulating this unique product. Digestacure is the only available possibility, effective remedy for certain auto immune disorder.

Today in this busy world most of the people suffer from various disease like skin problems, allergies, crohns disease and ulcer. Now, from where does the body get, autoimmune disorders, it’s very simple, it develops with time and shows the result in the latter stage. The immune system consists of white blood cells, which protects our body from antigens like bacteria, toxins, virus and harmful chemicals. In the case of those suffering from autoimmune disorders, the immune system is not able to differentiate between a healthy body and antigen. This hypersensitive reaction or response of the immune system leads to autoimmune diseases.
Intensive research has been done on autoimmune disorders, and no permanent cure has been found by the medical societies all over the world. When you go to doctor having an inflammatory disease, he would prescribe aspirin, instead of finding out the root cause. This is how autoimmune disorders are treated in the modern world.

And trust me the medicines like aspirin, steroids are very dangerous for the body as it suppresses the immune system, hindering its other functions. People have been asking for ages, isn’t there any natural remedy for autoimmune disorders; luckily the answer is big yes.

Pristine Nutraceuticals have developed and cultured a super plant variety from the family of Aloe Vera. This super plant is extracted in the form of a powered which is non toxic and free from additives.

Digestacure gives a boost to the immune system by providing proper supplements. As the super plant is grown in a fertile volcanic soil the plant is embedded fully with minerals and elements essential for the immune system. Digestacure is also called as a super food for the immune system.

Glycoprotein’s, glycolipids, enzymes, amino acids and minerals are very essential for the body and these are sufficiently provided by Digestacure. These basic building blocks are very much necessary for the immune system to function properly and in a healthy way, so that all bodily functions can go in a smooth manner. One cannot expect his or her disease to be cured right away as soon as you are under the medication. Most of the people who try this digestacure come up with queries like, why it does not work fast, why we need to take up to 8 pills a day. I understand the impatience is due to the amount of trouble you are undergoing due to the ongoing disease, but facts are facts always.

Taking 8 pills a day isn’t a problem, you must note that this is not any medicine which contains chemicals and due to which it may be become an overdose for you. Digestacure is a pure natural extract in the form of capsules. The powder inside is organic and stabilized forms of naturally occurring substances . I hope that part of dosage would be clear to many by now. With every medicine one needs to keep a strict diet and routine health exercise to cleanse our body, so that unwanted toxins can be eliminated.

Consuming these tablets in an irregular manner, having junk food and unhealthy lifestyles won’t bring any good to you or neither cures the disease. Digestacure doesn’t cure terminal and deadly diseases, on those cases it’s better to consult with your doctor or any medical specialist to go ahead with treatments, rather than experimenting yourself with various medications.

On the contrary many diseases can be cured by Digestacure, as it treats the basic cause of the disease and cleanses the immune system, empowers the immune system with energy. Digestacure has given profound results to its users all around the world. Many people have been said to be cured from irritable bowel syndromes, which is really a menace for those who have experienced it. Certain chronic ulcers are easily cured with proper dosage and medication of digestacure. The expert customer service personnel’s employed with digestacure are empathetic and experienced to answer your queries in the best possible way, giving you all the assistance you require. The digestacure capsules come in 4 different packages, and you can buy them according to the severity of your disease, after a detailed study about your disease and discuss it with the customer care if required.

It is said that majority of the diseases which we suffer are due to autoimmune problems and it’s not a good option to overlook it, and just leave the immune system at its will. It’s always better to prevent than cure it. Digestacure restores the health of immune system, and empowers the white blood cells with power and enables it to differentiate between the antigen and the human tissues, thus reversing the problem.

You can read the testimonial given by users and try Digestacure, and as I said, only if you take it in right quantities at the right time as told, Digestacure will start showing results. Do not expect digestacure to do wonder all of a sudden, as it does not work like a steroid. Steroids essentially give you relief from the symptoms, but the problems will persist. Digestacure will not give you relief from the symptoms the very first day or weeks, it works its way slowly and keep your patience levels, follow the procedures, the end result will be the one you always wished for. If you don’t follow it and quit at the very beginning then no cure will be able to solve your problem, so it’s worth to give digestacure a shot, after all you lose nothing if you get your health back. Digestacure a complete natural product tried by many and yet to cure many people.

Digestacure – Cure For Autoimmune Disordes

Digestacure is a remarkable achievement or highlight for Pristine Nutraceuticals. After fourteen years of intensive research and development on immune system functions, Pristine Nutraceuticals brought forth the cure for almost all autoimmune disorders.

The body which we carry around is a complex system, and I bet there is nothing as complex as a human body, and it’s very difficult to figure out why the body is creating problems for itself. There are many underlying causes for the advent of autoimmune disease in individuals. Researchers have been pointing out that, it’s the environmental toxins, allergens, chemicals which enter the body and confuse the immune system. In a research conducted, it was found out that a new born babies’ blood consisted of toxins, chemicals, I just wonder how on earth, does that little one get such things into its bloodstream. Well its nothing to be wondered about I guess, it’s the way the world lives, we are surrounded by dangerous elements ,and they get into our body through food, air, water .This is something which we all ignore and keep ignoring. Now that’s something which everybody has to deal with on a serious note. But right now, we are talking about autoimmune diseases and its cure. I have been hearing for a long time that autoimmune disease cannot be cured and can be controlled only for a short time.

Most of the autoimmune diseases can be cured, and that’s a fact, which is now very well proved and approved by customers of Digestacure. It can treat just about 80 types of autoimmune disorders which derail the body, something unbelievable but fortunately true.

Digestacure is developed from a ‘Super plant’ cultured without gene manipulation which belongs to the Aloe family. These super plants are grown in highly fertile volcanic soil, devoid of pesticides and chemicals, which makes it toxin free. Since the volcanic soil is highly rich with minerals, the super plants are able to produce high quality immune modulating agents. These modulators are then converted into powdered form after proper stabilization and concentration, leaving behind all the unwanted elements. Digestacure is graded as a food material or in other words, it’s the perfect food for the immune system. Digestacure is completely green, that means it’s a wholly vegetarian product, free of fillers and additives.

Main ingredients of digestacure includes stabilized long chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules, stabilized glucommans, stabilized glycoprotein’s and glycolipids along with trace amounts of plant amino acids, minerals and enzymes. Digesatcure gives your immune system a perfect combination of all these items in the right amount, for example as you all know amino acids are the basic chemical building blocks of our body and if you are taking digestacure you would be getting this extra supplement for your body, which will trigger the immune system to function and grow properly.

This amazing product has no side effects as it’s a natural product and for those who are under medications, there is nothing to worry, you are free to use this digestacure, absolutely with no fear, it won’t interfere with other drugs. Unlike other medicines, digestacure capsules do not contain yeast, corn, wheat or soya and its totally non toxic.

The working mechanism of digestacure inside the human body is very simple. The basic logic is, digestacure does not treat any disease or symptoms in a straight line, but it works its way to find out the root cause and start from there. In more clear terms digestacure heals the main cause or primary reason of a particular disease, in-turn turning off the secondary problems too.

Digestacure is a natural remedy and it does treat immune disorders to a certain extent, but you can’t expect the results in a faster pace. Following the proper dosage along with a proper balanced diet would give you better results. As i mentioned it treats most of the disease caused by improper immune functions, but in more difficult cases and critical stages, it’s not worthwhile to go with natural medications, as it may produce utterly zero results, if not add to the cause.

Digestacure has acclaimed global popularity due to its positive results and healing rates. Most of the autoimmune diseases’, which were said to be untreatable, were completely healed by this digestacure. Digestacure capsules are said to have a profound effect on various disease like ulcer, joint pain, and Crohn’s disease.

The digestacure capsules can be ordered according to your requirements, it comes in for different packs of each in 90, 270, 810, and 1620. The dosage of digestacure is up to 8 pills per day, and many people find it difficult. But if it does wonders there must not be a problem in consuming it, as there is saying no pain no gain. Digestacure is somewhat expensive, but not as compared to other autoimmune drugs available in the markets.

At Pristine Nutraceuticals there are quality professionals and experts to give you better information and help through their dedicated customer care services. The beauty of our life depends, on the depends on the quality of our lifestyle but on the other hand constantly being troubled by various ailments would make it more dreadful, but there is nothing to worry, digestacure is there to help, it not only cure’s autoimmune disease but also brings back the lost vigor to your life. The prescription medicines available for autoimmune disorders are anti inflammatory drugs, steroids and histamines. Even though these medicines’s can bring short term relief, it may pose perilous side effects for the human body. A small example will help you out, certain skin diseases caused by autoimmune disorders can be relieved by single histamine dose, but the problem is, it provides only a temporary relief and bounces back when the medicines effect is gone. Taking these medicines in a long run is not generally safe. Compared to these digestacure is a pure natural remedy, free of side effects. Digestacure has a long list of testimonials, by people, proving its efficacy. Now when I say the best supplement for immune system, nothing best matches as digestacure does.

Pristine Nutraceuticals – DigestaCure

Pristine nutraceuticals desired to offer a complete formula that can restore the functioning of proper immune system. So in the year 1997, Pristine started research, testing and development to designed such formulation that can provide essential and exceptional components for healing the human cell. After constantly working on it, fourteen years later the product named DigestaCure was created. Pristine Nutraceuticals has efficiently developed its own processing and healing component stabilization expertise.

DigestaCure will help you to give up the pain of autoimmune disease, which you suffered for years. Medical community had termed these conditions as incurable diseases. The traditional medical establishment does not offer a cure or a root healing protocol for any autoimmune disease. Instead they conduct various profit-based tests, prescribe side-effects loaded drugs simply to minimize the symptoms that aren’t completely cured and lastly suggest surgical procedures. The root-cause i.e. the autoimmunity, restoration of the proper immune system and digestive function is avoided. However, Pristine strived very hard to create this amazing product DigestaCure in the form of capsules or pills. These are to be taken as directed and recommended to completely heal your condition.

Pristine highlights the 3 Keys to Success that are crucial in the healing process. These are Patience, Consistency, and Communication. Pristine offers a five day a week support system. The product specialists to whom you speak at Pristine are the individuals who have helped thousands of customers to cure using DigestaCure. They are highly trained to save your time, money and pain, to help you resolve your problem with full accuracy. These product specialists resolve your problem on the basis of research details, information, proven tips and feedback from other customer’s personal experiences. Please note that Pristine do not provide medical advice, it is advisable to consult your licensed health care professional for medical help and assistance.

What is DigestaCure?

DigestaCure is a medication of natural immune restoration and healing method. It is 100% wholesome natural, pure, plant extracted bio-available phytonutrients and healing elements with no recorded side effects.

DigestaCure is certified as wholesome, synthetic-free, pure, pesticide-free, and without added fillers or preservatives, inorganic mix, or animal products. It is classified as a food material as is as safe as potato or a carrot. DigestaCure do not include yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, or additives of any type. It is best fit for vegetarians, adults, children, infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and for even pets.

Digestacure is created to deal with the two main body systems i.e. the Immune System and the Digestive Tract. It does not contain chemicals or drugs and so have no side-effects or contraindications. It help cures not the conditions or symptoms such as Acid Reflux, GERD, Hiatal Hernia, Colitis (all types), Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many more, instead targets the root-cause of all these autoimmune conditions i.e. autoimmunity.

What is Autoimmunity?

Autoimmunity repeatedly attacks numerous body parts such as systems, organs, tissues, and cells at the same time.

The research at Pristine specifies that even after the autoimmune attack drops, the risk of tissue damage in body still sustains as the autoimmune attack is happening. This all depends on the type and duration of the condition. To eradicate it the healing and strengthening of damaged tissues as a whole should increasingly arise once the attack has dropped. The autoimmune attack must first be abolished from the entire body.

What is in Digestacure?

DigestaCure is a 500mg capsule that contains pure, natural, concentrated immune transformer material in powder form in it.

Please note: This product is not made using Aloe Vera. The laboratory proven analysis states that the products made of processed Aloe Vera shows only short term soothing benefit. Processed Aloe juices, gels, and powders will not entirely abolish the autoimmune attack.

DigestaCure is a long-chain immune modulator between 1 million Dalton to over 9 million Dalton in length. It can be taken with any prescription or supplement.

DigestaCure is 100% all-natural product that is entirely non-toxic. It does not contain yeast, corn, wheat, soy or dairy, so is suitable for vegetarians. The capsule is a certified kosher vegetable based veggie cap i.e. .No Gelatin which fits best for vegans.

What is DigestaCure made of?

Pristine Nutraceuticals has cultivated a “Superplant” from the Aloe family without any genetic manipulation. These super plants are grown in organic volcanic soil where no chemical fertilizer or pesticides are used. As this volcanic soil is rich in minerals, the Superplant is capable of producing high-quality immune modulating agent. These modulators are Stabilized and concentrated into a powder by Pristine’s team of scientists. All unwanted elements are eliminated. This powder is categorized as a food material which is just right food for the immune system. No other ingredients or additives are included in DigestaCure. Hence, there are no side-effects or contraindications with this medication.

These are the agents that the human immune system is intended to receive. These agents are washed-out from the modern-day food that we consume. This is resulted because of the use of chemicals and pesticides in growing and processing, and also adopting methods such as green harvesting and genetic manipulation.

These agents are the healing components that are proven in over 400 studies conducted by hundreds of scientists, Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s, and natural healing physicians. It works to balance and restore proper immune function, apart from many other physiological modes of healing.

For the last four decades, a method was required to stabilize the immune modulators in sufficient quality and quantity and should be effective enough to restore immunity. Pristine Nutraceuticals was successful to develop such technique. In independent laboratory, the analysis was done using size-exclusion chromatography technology. DigestaCure is verified to contain in excess of 15 times the Stabilized immune modulating agents of any related product, manufactured under any process, across the world.

Ingredients in Digestacure

DigestaCure is a proprietary blend of main ingredients and trace amount of few. The list is given below
Main ingredient: These stabilizes long-chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules
1. Stabilized mannose molecules
2. Stabilized glucomannans
3. Stabilized glucopolymannans
4. Stabilized medium and short chain polysaccharides
5. Stabilized mucopolysaccharides
6. Stabilized glycoproteins
7. Stabilized glycolipids

Contains trace amounts of:

1. Natural beta sitosterol
2. Natural plant minerals
3. Natural plant enzymes
4. Natural plant amino acids

Cure For Ulcerative Colitis – DigestaCure

DigestaCure is a concentration of natural immune transforming and healing mean. It is certified pure, synthetic-free, pesticide-free, and without any fillers or preservatives, inorganic compounds, or animal products.

What is DigestaCure?

DigestaCure is 100% all-natural, pure, plant-derived bio-available phytonutrients and healing components which demonstrates no side effects. It contains no yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, or dairy, or any other additives. It is appropriate for vegetarians, adults, children, infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and even pets.

Digestacure is developed to tackle the two Primary body systems i.e. the Immune System and the Digestive Tract. DigestaCure is categorized as a food material that does not contains chemicals or drugs and shows no side-effects. The product is a 500mg capsule that contains pure, natural, concentrated immune transformer material in powder form within.

The regular intake of these steady components included in Digestacure will noticeably improve your condition. Pristine has experienced amazing success rates to get relief from conditions such as Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Hiatal Hernia, and many other autoimmune and digestive conditions. These all are listed as incurable by our traditional medical society and not even attempt to cure them.

Digestacure cures not the conditions or symptoms but triggers the root-cause of all autoimmune conditions i.e. autoimmunity. The improvement record and the post treatment examinations have confirmed that if the Immune System is functioning perfectly then the root-cause (autoimmunity) gets eradicate automatically.

Normally, Autoimmunity represents the Digestive abnormality. However, multiple symptoms occur simultaneously in the entire body along with the digestive tract to cause Autoimmunity. The symptoms such as Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel, Arthritis, Hemorrhoids, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diarrhea, indigestion, joint pain and many other problems causes Autoimmunity.

Digestacure results and testimonials

It is always recommended to use natural cure method to get permanent relief from Autoimmunity conditions. Also, there are no side-effects and no contraindications or any other odd reaction with Digestacure recorded. It is classified as a food material, powerful and effective, and safe to eat a carrot or a potato. It is safe to intake your medications and supplements until it is required to be taken.

Hundreds and thousands of people have used Pristine’s Digestacure to treat for any of the other autoimmune conditions. At Pristine we welcome them to share their experiences and testimonials.

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an illness where inflammation extends in the colon and the rectum i.e. the large intestine. The most common symptom to this is the diarrhea with blood. Treatment is required to cure this pain.

How Digestacure heals Ulcerative Colitis?

It holds anti-inflammatory functions particularly effective on ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and arthritis. The specific reserve of leukotriene B-4, a highly pro-inflammatory material and the reinstate of proper immune function helps curing these diseases.
It helps to cease and prevent the harm and leakage to the intestinal wall, thereby lessening the pressure from the immune system.

It contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antifungal effects which are utmost important today because the antibiotics no longer proves to be effective to treat the disease.


A person suffering from severe Ulcerative Colitis suffered from bloody diarrhea, thyroid problem, lost almost 32 pounds and found no medicine to cure it completely. After using Digestacure for just one month, every problem was under control and was back to normal. Now the individual suggests Digestacure to everyone who suffers from any autoimmune condition.

One individual suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for long time along with GERD and severe joint pain. After using Digestacure, an overnight cure was experienced, since then till date he continued using it and had never suffered from unhealthy digestive tract.

It is unbelievable to know the fact that a person can suffer from severe Ulcerative Colitis for nearly ten years. No medicine helped him cure, instead was making his life more difficult. He was amazed to feel the natural medicine doing the correct and effective job for the disease which was termed as incurable by doctors. After using Digestacure, from second month onwards there were no symptoms of bleeding, cramping, nausea or diarrhea. This restored his energy and appetite to live healthy life.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common condition involving frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea or constipation related to intestinal infection.

How Digestacure heals Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

It helps to stop and avoids the harm and leakage to the intestinal wall, thus lessening the pressure from the immune system.

The intake of Aloe-derived polymannans are very supportive in preventing, normalizing, and bringing back on track many digestive tract disorders, such as gastric ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, ulcerative colitis and many others.


The person suffered from a long list of symptoms such bloating, constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, high cholesterol , joint pain, migraine , nausea and abdominal related such as its cramping, pain and swelling. After taking Digestacure for about 2 months she had no constipation, bloating, abdominal pain or even joint pain. The problems such as well irritable bowel, bloating and pain, arthritis, constipation were at ease and Digestacure is highly recommended product.

For many people Digestacure had helped to heal all stomach related problems and helps to maintain healthy digestive tract ever after. Digestacure is called as a second life giver by few who experienced a great relief which this natural remedy had provided unlike other medicines.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Gastro esophageal reflux disease, or commonly known as GERD, is a digestive disorder that distresses the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the loop of muscle between the esophagus (the part of the alimentary canal which connects the throat to the stomach) and stomach.

How Digestacure heals Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD)?

It protects the mucous membranes coating the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tracts resulting in a conflict with the infections.
The Digestacure components get integrated into the cell membranes all over the body, hence, enhancing the membranes effectiveness for undertaking number of functions.


Many people suffer from this common disease for years as they consider it as incurable however, later they discover a natural healing option named Digestacure. For them it is a relief from suffering from GERD, IBS and other Digestive problems for years and have gave up to attempt to any curing method. Within one or two months they were able to notice remarkable improvements.

One individual had diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis, Hair loss (alopecia) and Acid Reflux (GERD), which caused symptoms such as loss of muscle tone, nausea, rectal bleeding, Insomnia, joint pain, diarrhea, digestive problems, fatigue, excess gas, hair loss and other abdominal disorders. She even lost weight up to 25 pounds and suffered memory loss stroke. Digestacure relieved her from bleeding, no pain in abdominal, no more hair loss, no fatigue, and started gaining weight. The symptoms that have improved were less gas problem and decrease in joint pain.

Digestacure – What Is It Made Of ?

Human body can be very fragile and our cells can be attacked causing Autoimmunity . This is a disorder misfiring your own cells causing immunity imbalance, In this condition you could suffer Allergies, Asthma, Arthritis in all types,Chronic insomnia, Gastritis to name some. Digestacure is the solution which is not a Drug, no prescription needed, no other supplements is needed, You don’t have to Diet, no Surgeries involved and most of all you don’t have to be in fear of any side effects.

Digestacure is an all natural product of a “Superplant” from Pristine Nutraceuticals which is cultured from Aloe. Digestacure can cure almost 80 types of Autoimmune Disorders in people suffering. It cures the disorders in our body. Digestacure upon consumption heals our immune system and balances aiding in proper digestive system. Digestacure contains 500mg of pure concentrated immune modulating agent. Digestacure is suitable for vegetarians and is Made non-toxic. The capsule is a certified Kosher Vegetable based “veggie Cap” Digestacure has helped cure several diseases which was claimed non curable. Digestacure has no chemicals. All it has is stabilized Glucomannans, natural plant mineral enzymes, amino acids .These components in Digestacure will help in functioning of our body properly helping to break our fats and sugar that are absolutely vital for our bodys energy. Digestacure contains beneficial Amino acids so its full of antioxidants that can help in weight loss. The Glucomannans in Digestacure is a helpful aid in lowering Cholesterols. Digestacure is organically produced in rich volcanic soil utilizing no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or gene manipulation. These modulators are stabilized and concentrated into powders. Hundreds of studies have been done to prove Digestacare has been doing wonders for all immune system illness .

Tho Digestacure is a little Expensive it has no side effects compared to other antibiotics in the market and it cannot be compromised .the consumption of Digestacure is 8 pills a day which may make you think you may be suffering an overdose. There are three different ways of taking this product well the first would be to take capsule with water spreading them across the day. Second option would be mixing the contents of the capsule in water or juices so it directly goes to bloodstream but do not forget to shake the glass of water so the contents are mixed well. Third option For children you could use in milk or baby foods. One should understand that Digestacure is a natural remedy so it would work slower than Allopathic and Prescription Drugs .One should also be aware that when you are having natural remedy you should maintain a strict diet. Always remember its not a drug it’s a” Food material” potent and effective. Digestacure is all safe for Children, adults, infants, pregnant, nursing mothers and pets too that’s quiet amazing right?

Well I would like to give an difference between the product Serovera Vs Digestacure both being for Autoimmune conditions. They have almost same contents but not all. Serovera being pretty fairly new in the market has lesser reviews than Digestacure. Serovera has no reason to be bad as it has people have found it to also cure illnesses and has found successes compared to Digestacure. It is just that Digestacure cures far more conditions that Serovera and evidence has been noted. It is also claimed and proven that many people that is repeat customers are buying Digestacure. Fourteen years of research has yielded this Supermagic product Digestacare finally in 1997 the broke the news of this product which is saving lot of people across the globe suffering with Autoimmune Disorders.

An relevant example of a person who had taken Digestacure. Just to let everyone know that Digestacure worked for him he had a bad case of candida .He was taking some very good enzymes and probiotics to control it. He ran across Digestacure and took 8 a day for two months. He then took two a day. It was taken about three months to get rid of it. He had a rash for a month that has been cleared up. He thinks it was dead candida..He felt very good now and believes in the natural ways. He also took digestive enzymes which he believed helped to assimilate and felt to better. Drink PLENTY of water..and watches his diet. He controls to I eat very minimal sugar.

He finally feels with having Digestacure at the right time he got back his life I think. when people do not feel good when starting Digestacure they are cleansing. It does cleanses a lot.

Remember your body can heal itself when you give it what it needs.. so when you are taking Digestacure do not discontinue or take it irregularly and then complain because any product that you are hundred percent satisfied taken seriously works wonders on your body.

I would strongly recommend that when we go in for any product from the market Please get first hand information from a consultant or of a genuine knowledgeable person who has had the product and has been cured so one is not cheated. Digestacure has many consultants so your questions could be answered to your satisfaction. Pristine Nutraceuticals after a lot of research has brought this Digestacure an ultimate healing Nutraceuticals which definitely kills the root cause of the illness one is battling. A nutraceutical is a purified form of food that is solid in medicinal form not associated with food but it does have medicinal properties that can tackle chronic diseases. In short I do feel each person is unique with different body system so what suits for one may not suit for the other. So strongly recommend to do consult well and be satisfied with the product. Digestacure can be taken for 5 days trial period so you can be rest assured of this product and purely contented. I would also tell you your system is at fault not the doctors, It has also proven that there will not be any reactions when you take Digestacure with any other medicines its absolutely safe. .so a big thanks to Pristne Nutraceuticals for bringing in this food supplement that really has been helpful with people suffering for decades with Autoimmunity.


Product Reviews On Digestacure

Product Reviews On Digestacure

Digestacure currently holds the record for curing almost 80 types of autoimmune disorders in people. Reviews on Digestacure have been amazing with people retaliating that the best they have seen today.

Digestacure, an all natural product from Pristine Nutraceuticals, aids in helping you from any type of autoimmune diseases that you are suffering from.

Human body can sometimes be a fragile system. Even a small germ in your food is enough to give you an upset stomach. Similarly, Autoimmunity is a disorder when autoimmune system attacks your own cells thinking it as a foreign object (by mistake) and throws our bodily functions into haywire that affects various parts of our body. If you are suffering from ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, arthritis etc., chances are you might be suffering from autoimmunity which is is one of the underlying factors in causing these diseases in your body.

As mentioned earlier, Digestacure has the power to heal almost 80 types of autoimmune disorders in our body. So, how exactly does Digestacure heal our body? Upon consumption of Digestacure, our immune system is balanced aiding in proper digestive system.

Some of the main ingredients in Digestacure is Aloe (from the Aloe family), stabilized glucomannans, natural plant minerals, enzymes, amino acids etc. which aid in body’s proper function and growth. These components help in breaking our fats and sugar that are vital for our body’s energy. The amino acids in our body system are limited. Digestacure contains beneficial amino acids that are full of antioxidants and help you in weight loss. Stabilized glucomannans in Digestacure aids in lowering bad bad cholesterols and helping you to lose weight.

Though this product is a bit expensive, the quality is not at all compromised. The Digestacure capsules are absolutely non-toxic and are made without including yeast, soy, diary and animal products or gelatin. It is, therefore, completely vegan and is known as “veggie cap”. The plants are grown on organic volcanic soil and is rich in minerals and acts as an immune modulating element in your bodily functions.

Digestacure does not contain side effects compared to other antibiotics available over the counter and is safe for consumption.

Many reviews are available online about Digestacure which does gives a ‘positive nod’ to the product. Several diseases that have been termed ‘incurable’ have been healed by this product. Pristine Nutraceuticals do conform that they do not heal any symptoms and reach the root cause of these symptoms – Autoimmunity. People who have been suffering Crohn’s disease, Acid refluxes, IBD, joint pain etc. had found immense relief after consuming Digestacure.

Digestacure requires consuming up to 8 pills a day which makes people think twice about suffering an overdose. Some reviews complain that support executive do not help in promoting correct dosage and need to have more knowledge about the product.

Digestacure is available in four different packs in 90, 270, 810, 1620 capsules. If you are willing to try Digestacure, you can start with the basic travel pack of 90 capsules which will last you for 14 days.

Digestaqure Product Reviews

As ever every product has its ups and downs and Digestaqure is not new either. Digestaqure , commonly known as Digestacure is known for its ability to cure autoimmune conditions only if taken in the right prescription amount. Many people have tried Digestaqure without much results. The reasons were noted and questions and later found out that some of the conditions were not autoimmune. Others took way below the prescribed amount of pills for their conditions. Digestacure is a natural remedy. You have to understand that natural remedies work slower than the allopathic and prescription drugs. When you try a natural remedy its important to maintain a strict level of diet and also keep up to the prescription to the dot. When you cannot maintain your diet or cannot take the pills in time, there is no reason why you should complain. Yes there are cases (around 3-4%) which were genuinely not working. Certain people have conditions which cannot be controlled with Digestacure or any natural remedy. its wise to take prescription drugs during this phase. Do not try to cure Advanced autoimmune conditions using natural remedies like digestaqure.

Serovera vs Digestacure Product Reviews

Serovera is another Natural remedy to Autoimmune conditions. The Ingredients are the same but missing a few. Being a product which is considerably new, Serovera has lesser reviews than Digestacure. There is no reason why serovera should be bad and people have found as much success with serovera as compared to Digestacure itself. Digestacure on the other hand claims to cure far more conditions than Serovera and there is evidence for all the claims. With 1000’s of people purchasing digestacure every month, there is little reason to believe that digestacure doesnt work. The repeat customers of digestacure is far more than Serovera at the moment and this proves that Digestacure is a far more superior product than Serovera

Digestacure product reviews

Digestacure Product reviews By customers range from Very satisfied to complete breakthrough. What do you want to hear? The fact that digestacure is one of the few natural remedies to cure auto immune conditions is notable. The Fact that prescription medicines are not standing a chance against natural remedies these days is another truth. There is little reason why people should not trust Digestacure. The Digestacure product reviews by consumers and users clearly indicate a rise in sales and repeat customers , an indication of the products success and its ability to deliver to promises. This is the fact about digestacure. No matter how many people come with the weirdest ideas on putting digestacure down, the digestacure product is simply overwhelming and people tend to buy it again and again. The natural ingredients of Digestacure is free from side effects and manufactured in an FDA approved Laboratory, the testings are rigorous. the fact that 16 years of research is undergone on one single product is notable too.

Digestacure – Pristine Nutraceuticals reviews

Pristine Nutraceuticals LLC

Pristine Nutraceuticals has released Digestacure with the hope of curing people who have been suffering from autoimmunity disorders for almost their entire life.

Finally, we can see a silver lining with the help of Pristine Nutraceuticals. After fourteen years of ground breaking research, Pristine Nutraceuticals brings you Digestacure with the sole aim of removing the root cause of almost 80 types of diseases – Autoimmunity. Digestacure has proven that it contains almost 15 times more stabilized immune modulating agents than any other product manufactured anywhere in the world.

Autoimmunity disorders happen when our body attacks our immune system by mistake. This throws our bodily functions haywire and creates new infections and inflammations in our system. Digestacure by Pristine Nutraceuticals is a 100% natural product which is made out of natural plants which contain enzymes, minerals and amino acids that are grown in organic volcanic soil void of any fertilizer or pesticide.

Certain symptoms such as Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Lupus etc. which were termed as “Incurable diseases” have been healed by Digestacure which paves a way to healthy body. One of the positive point of Digestacure is it reaches the root cause rather than other antibiotics and products that just provide temporary relief to the symptoms.

pristine nutraceuticals digestacure

Digestacure capsules (betterly known as veggie cap) is made out of kosher vegetable base and is completely non-toxic for your body. It does not contain any corn, soy, yeast or animal products and can definitely be used by vegans. As it does not give you any side effects, it is termed as the “perfect food for the immune system.” You can consume Digestacure along with your current medication (if any), but we always suggest to consult your medical practitioner before consuming any medication.

Digestacure give you a five day week support to answer your queries and clarifications if any. The support executives are highly trained Product Specialists who understand your viewpoint and motivate you towards better health.

Pristine Nutraceuticals offer Digestacure in four different packs ranging from travel pack to family pack. If you are trying Digestacure for the first time, start with the travel pack of $69.00 which contains 90 capsules that will last up to 14 days.

pristine nutraceuticals reviews

Pristine Nutraceuticals offers a the best in Autoimmune conditions through natural remedies. there is no comparison to the quality of the products which are manufactured by Pristine Nutraceuticals. With over 16 years of research in the field of autoimmune conditions and natural remedies, Pristine Nutraceuticals is simply one of the few companies which has excelled in the field. The reviews will say it all about the product but the Pristine Nutraceuticals reviews show that the company has taken some of the best measures in marketing and production to bring forward natural remedies to the next step. Pristine Nutraceuticals is simply an amazing company which personally, i think should be awarded for their efforts to bring in front the natural remedies to light.